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Our jewelry is meant to hold only a very small amount of material as a token memento to treasure the remembrance of a loved one.


How to Fill Cremation Jewelry

Identify the type of jewelry you have by the opening. Follow the appropriate instructions. Be sure you read the instructions thoroughly before proceeding.

Things you'll need to fill your cremation jewelry

Paper funnel

Adhesive glue

Toothpick or similar device to control the distribution of adhesive glue

A clean area to work on


Filling jewelry with a threaded bale or screw

Start screwing the threads into the pendant as shown below. Apply a small amount of glue to the tip of the toothpick and transfer that to the threads. We recommend waiting 24 hours before wearing to ensure the glue is fully dried.



Tape or glue the funnel. Use your jewelry to gauge the size of the hole needed in the funnel. Cut the bottom of the funnel off to create the desired hole size. Start small you can always make it larger.


Fill the black leather strap bracelet at the center rear screw of the plate. The infinity bracelet charm is filled at the bottom countersunk screw.

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