Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry keepsake pendants to hold a loved one near 

Departed, but with you always

At this time of important decisions we would like to provide you with the opportunity of keeping your loved one near and dear in a most personal way.

We provide different styles of keepsake cremation jewelry which is a choice that is becoming very mainstream around the world.  It allows you to discreetly keep the cremation ashes with you to be a constant source of love, lasting memories, and the strength to endure. If you prefer, the keepsake cremation  jewelry can be filled with a lock of hair, earth from the gravesite, or dried flowers from the ceremony.

Our cremation jewelry pendants can be worn as a necklace on a cord, ribbon, chain of your choice, or a bracelet. If you prefer not to wear this cremation jewelry publicly, we offer domed display cases and acrylic stands to keep at home.


You'll always feel their presence

Take advantage of this one moment in time to keep and/or share the presence of your loved ones memory. What could better console a grieving family member or friend than to treasure this lasting tribute for all eternity.

The comfort of a loved one who remains near is immeasurable and our keepsake cremation jewelry is offered to you at a very reasonable price.

You will be grateful for your decision to cherish these memories in such a beautiful manner - especially in the months and years to come, after the initial grieving period has subsided.

We invite you to browse through our pages to find the right piece, we are also open to any suggestions of a style you would like to see in our future inventory.

Bless you and may you have strength in such a difficult time.

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