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Eternally With Me was founded in 2011 by two sisters on the premise that there were many more people, like themselves, who wanted to hold the memories of loved ones close, to be a constant source of comfort and reassurance even though they have passed on to eternal life.

Our grandmother was the inspiration for us to create products that would enable people to keep a tangible reminder of their loved ones presence in their lives.

Our cremation jewelry discreetly holds small portions of cremated remains, sacred earth from the gravesite, locks of hair, or pieces of dried flowers from funeral arrangements. Whether your loved one was a dear relative or your faithful animal companion, you will be able to find the appropriate design among our products.

Our cremation jewelry is crafted of durable stainless steel fashioned into beautiful, meaningful pieces to eternally protect the source of your precious memories. We also offer display domes and stands for the jewelry, should you choose to memorialize your loved one in a more personal way.

Our mission is to help provide the opportunity for your loved one to remain eternally with you, enabling you to receive the strength and ability to endure throughout your life. We invite you to look through our website, embracing the comfort cremation jewelry can offer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.



     Vicki Hauler                                                                                                                             Linda Pink

     75440 Romeo Plank Rd                                                                                                      3045 Fountainhead Dr

     Armada, MI   48005                                                                                                                Largo, FL   33770

     586-255-2471                                                                                                                         727-686-4690


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